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About us

Charities and non for-profits spend essential time and resources continually chasing money, putting a strain on the organization. Tribuo provides charities a turn-key solution to work with local retailers to sell custom products that can generate a continuous revenue stream for that organization.

We are a team passionate about helping charities raise money and awareness for their causes. We achieve this through a retail model that leverages e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores to support those initiatives.

Our goal is to drive meaningful change in the world, and we believe we can do that by helping others succeed while building long term meaningful relationships. 

We manufacture unique products for each charity. We then leverage our experience and network in manufacturing, marketing, and retail to tell the charity’s story and sell the product. For every item sold, the charitable organization receives a portion of the profit, and Tribuo receives a part of that profit to cover cost, expenses, and to promote our philanthropic efforts. There’s no cost to the charity. All we ask in return is the charity’s support to help us raise awareness for their cause and support the retailers selling their bracelets.

Our corporate initiative is to put as much of the profits from product sales back into the hands of the charity’s while maintaining a profitable business that can continue to be an agent for positive change.