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Need Ideas to Supplement Your Fall Fundraising Campaigns?

During the pandemic, charities are fiercely competing for funds – like never before. As a development officer, you are probably keenly aware that fundraising teams are seeking new ways of doing business. With COVID-19, traditional fund raising is no longer the norm. With that said, TRIBUO can help supplement your organizations income while building awareness in your community.

At TRIBUO, we strive to help the nonprofit community drive meaningful change to the world. Our goal is to help you raise money by designing a customized bracelet that is branded to your organization. We partner with individual organizations, like yours, to create a bracelet that can be used to promote your organization or an event. Having a bracelet that is uniquely branded to the charity is a great way to heighten organizational awareness and start a conversation about who you are and what you do.

As we work with organizations to distribute the bracelets, our goal is to help you raise more funds, enabling your organization to reach its goals and serve your constituents.

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