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Raising Money During COVID

With the presence of COVID, fundraising looks different than in the past. Both organizations and their supporters face financial challenges. In these trying times, charities are looking for additional revenue streams while respecting the hardships faced by many of their supporters. Consequently, many organizations are excited about the opportunity of raising both funds and awareness by offering their constituents value for their donation. This is where TRIBUO can help.

At TRIBUO, we can customize a bracelet for your organization at no cost to your charity. Simply choose the colors that will brand the bracelet to your charity. Creating a bracelet with TRIBUO provides your organization a wonderful opportunity to raise money and awareness for your cause, while offering supporters a fashion accessory. TRIBUO will find retailers to sell the bracelet, and a percentage of each bracelet sold will be donated to your organization.

In this time of COVID, people are facing financial challenges and contributions are down. Consequently, it is imperative for organizations to find new revenue streams. Whether a charity uses the bracelets for an individual fundraiser or an ongoing source of revenue, TRIBUO can be a nice addition to your fundraising activities. Unprecedented times demand new approaches.

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