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Shift in Fundraising Strategies for 2020

Shift in Fundraising Strategies for 2020

The Covid 19 pandemic has majorly implicated non-profit organizations in the U.S. and beyond. Nonprofits are being forced to think about fundraising outside the box – finding flexibility in fundraising that will enable them to raise money to survive and, hopefully, thrive. Many organizations are turning to virtual events.

Organizations are taking events that range from walk-a-thons to gala auctions online. Instead of gathering in person, organizational supporters are meeting virtually to enjoy speakers, games, and auctions while they participate in the fundraising event from the comfort of home.

Thanks to technology, virtual events have opened the door to increased giving opportunities while following social distancing guidelines. In additions to raising money at lower cost for the organization and offering an enjoyable experience for the participants, virtual events broaden the geographic opportunity of who and where people can be reached.

Offering events with a lower cost and higher yield, virtual fundraising opportunities are limitless. Virtual fundraising may be offering a shift in fundraising strategy for 2020-21 and beyond…


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